• child protection

Child Protection and Safeguarding

At Havant Academy we take the welfare of our pupils seriously.  Should you or your child have any concerns about the welfare of any pupil please contact one of the Academy’s Designated Child Protection Officers.


  • Mrs A Brodie (Vice Principal)
  • Mrs V Adams (Associate Assistant Principal)




Bullying is when a person or a group deliberately tends to cause someone else to feel hurt, distressed, threatened or humiliated.


Bullying is not acceptable:


  • We want everyone at the Academy to feel safe and secure.
  • We believe no one should be bullied in any way.
  • Verbal abuse of another pupil is bullying.
  • A physical attack on a pupil is bullying.
  • Sending abusive or threatening messages by text or on social media is bullying
  • We must all make sure bullies never win.


If you or someone you know is being bullied:


  • Students should tell a member of staff or a member of their family immediately.
  • Watching and doing nothing supports the bully.


Bullying cannot be dealt with alone.

  • Students should talk to a teacher, their tutor, their Head of Year, their parents or one of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Students must not give in to demands for money, sweets or anything else.
  • Students must not try to buy the bully off with sweets or other presents.
  • ASKME@havantacademy.co.uk (this is a secure and safe email service)


Together we can and will stop bullying.