Welcome to the mathematics department. Maths is a core curriculum subject and studied as part of the curriculum for all students from Year 7 to Year 11. In mathematics we study Number, algebra, Shape and measure, Data Handling and Probability. These headings include a variety of skills which are applied to the real world and which are used in everyday life.

Our Mathematics Moto is …”To Infinity and Beyond”. We believe that all pupils ability in maths has no limit and so we seek to teach a well-rounded curriculum not just in order to achieve a GCSE exam but to also go into further education and work with a good understanding of key principals and concepts which will enable them to access life in all its forms.


Department Staff

Mr Kimbangi
Ms Vickers
Mr J. Cubbage
Ms L. Langton
Ms C. Watson
Mr C. Britton



Skills, Knowledge, Understanding/Topics covered


The overarching aim of mathematics at KS3 is to develop the foundational understanding of key themes and concepts in maths. Students are streamed into ability range and all pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to their ability. The KS3 pupils are assessed using National curriculum levels 2-10 and complete half termly assessment tests based on the KS3 Mathematics SAT’s papers. These tests are completed online which provides instant feedback to pupils on their strengths and areas for improvement. Each pupil can also review their tests at home and complete homework tasks through the web site in order to improve progress in those key areas.



At KS4 we currently follow the GCSE Edexcel Mathematics A syllabus. This is a linear course which gives us the freedom to teach the syllabus how we want and in which order we want. This means we can move from KS3 to KS4 seamlessly with no obvious changes in our approach to teaching. We aim to inspire our pupils and help them develop confidence in and a positive attitude towards mathematics whilst recognising the importance of mathematics in their own lives and the wider society. We make use of extensive feedback through half termly assessments which gives us a clear indication of strengths and areas for improvement in order for our pupils to achieve the best results possible and in order to make the most progress in maths. The GCSE pupils are assessed using GCSE grades A*-G and will complete two 1hour and 45 minute examination papers (one non-calculator and one calculator paper) at the end of year 11.


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