Throughout their time at Havant Academy all students will receive discreet computing lessons which will enhance their skills in applying computational thinking attributes to all subjects.  They will learn to break a problem down into its component parts, decipherer any patterns and tackle the problem in smaller more efficient parts.

They will be using Scratch, Missionmaker and Kodu to programme games for a variety of different age groups and purposes.  They will then move onto using lines of programming to solve basic to complex problems in Visual Basic and Python.

At GCSE level they will have the option to study Computing, ICT or Interactive Media.


Department Staff

Ms Watson - Head of ICT


Skills, Knowledge, Understanding/Topics covered:

Year 7

In year 7’s students will start by learning how to stay safe online, specifically whilst using Social Media.

They will move on to programming in Scratch and Kodu, both of which are visual coding software (both are also free to download and use at home).

They will complete the year by learning web design skills and some basic HTML coding.

Year 8

In Year 8 students build on the skills and knowledge that they developed in Year 7. They look at a variety of dangers online, including posting videos and photographs.  They will learn to create financial models in a spreadsheet and use this to make predictions.

They will move their web design skills on to create a full website in Serif and adapt some coding to include interactive elements.

Year 9

In Year 9 students will take the skills and knowledge that they have built up and learn to adapt these in a project environment.

They will be looking at coding in Python and using the computational thinking skills to break down and solve more complex problems.

They will be learning to handle data in a software environment including how to manipulate data for a specific purpose and the legal implementations that must be adhered to.

Year 10

Currently in Year 10 we have a choice of three GCSE routes available to the students.

OCR GCSE Computing

OCR Cambridge Nationals certificate in ICT

NCFE Interactive Media Level 2


All three routes are GCSE Level 2 and recognised qualification by local colleges and the governments in view of GCSE points

Year 11

Currently Year 11’s are completing the AQA GCSE ICT course.  This course consists of two internal assessment units, making up 60% of the course grade and an examination unit that they will sit in May. 


Extra-Curricular Enrichment/Opportunities

All students have the opportunity to participate in afterschool computing enrichment on a Monday from 3pm


Currently we have a GCSE level trip to the ICT Live student conference in Disney Paris.  This is a three day trip including travel, meals and accommodation that runs in March.

We have several smaller trips running to Bletchy Park and IBM Hursley

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