Drama is a very important part of the rounded education delivered at Havant Academy. The skills inherent in drama will enable students to become confident, resilient communicators able to empathise and understand a variety of issues in life and how to approach them.


Department Staff

Ms Adams  Director of Teaching/Drama Teacher

Contact: pa@havantacademy.co.uk

Skills, Knowledge, Understanding/Topics covered:

Year 7

Students in year 7 will cover a variety of topics that will show a developing ability to devise, improvise and create credible characters and narrative. Students will explore a wide range of drama strategies that will be used within performance. Students will begin to understand how the use of voice, movement and space can communicate meaning.

Year 8

In year 8 students will develop the ability to negotiate and select a range of strategies to enhance drama and produce effective improvisation. Students will apply discrete skills and recognise the process of creating and sustaining character and narrative. Topics will vary from Theatre in Education, history of theatre, to text and improvisational projects.

Year 9

What do students learn in Year 9?


In year 9 students will be able to create, develop and sustain performance with imagination, commitment and insight. Students will be confident to apply all strategies, elements and mediums and use these to create effect and meaning beyond the text.

Year 10

Students will follow the Edexcel programme of study looking at 4 key areas –Explorative strategies, The drama Medium, The elements of Drama and stimulus materials. The students will undertake an improvisational project, a text project and a selection of teacher led workshops to consolidate, refine and develop individual performance ability.

Year 11

The year is split in to units that need to be completed for the GCSE examination.

Unit 1 exploration

Unit 2 Text and live performance

Unit 3 Exam performance

Extra-Curricular Enrichment/Opportunities

The Academy will soon be opening the audition process for the Christmas concert.


All GCSE students are taken to live performance as this is a requirement of the course.

Visiting theatre groups are invited in to the Academy and local schools showcase and share practice.

Links to useful websites

GCSE bitesize – Drama : http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zbckjxs