History is a fantastic subject for all students who have an enquiring mind, an interest in the world around them and who enjoy a subject which involves discussion, evaluating the evidence and justifying their opinions.

In History, we offer a wide and diverse curriculum that attempts – above all else – to imbue in the students a love for the discipline that will stay with them long after they have left the classroom. Students will develop an understanding of chronology, causation, source enquiry, interpretations and significance.


Department Staff

Ms King – History Teacher/ Curriculum Leader for Humanities
Mr Rollett – History Teacher / Assistant Principle

Contact:  humanities@havantacademy.co.uk


Skills, Knowledge, Understanding/Topics covered:

Year 7

What is History?
Medieval England
The Reformation
The English Civil War


Year 8

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
The Industrial Revolution
Britain’s transatlantic slave trade
The British Empire
The First World War


Year 9

The Russian Revolution and communism
Women’s Suffrage
The Second World War
The Holocaust
Crime and punishment


Year 10

What do students learn in Year 10?
International Relations in the 20th Century.
This includes an investigation into how the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations tried to achieve peace at the end of World War One.  It also examines the impact of Hitler’s foreign policy and the origins of the Cold War.
Controlled assessment
The Historical Enquiry focuses on an aspect of the First World War


Year 11

20th Century Depth Studies

1.  The Roaring Twenties of the USA includes an investigation into the economic boom, gangsters and the entertainment business. 

2.  Hitler’s Germany is an investigation into how the leader of the Nazi Party was able to establish a dictatorship and create a regime of suspicion and terror.  

3. The Vietnam War examines the reasons why the USA decided to involve themselves in this conflict and the impact it had on both countries.


Extra-Curricular Enrichment/Opportunities

Enrichment is offered to Year 10 and 11.



Year 7 – Little Woodham

Year 8 – London Dungeons and Portsmouth Dockyard

Year 9 – Houses of Parliament

Year 10 – Battlefields trip


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