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Pastoral Support

At Havant Academy we believe in working closely with parents to ensure that each and every student receives the support they need to enable them to get the most out of their time with us.  We aim to support students academically, personally and emotionally.  Our pastoral system is structured in such a way to enable us to offer targeted support effectively and in a timely manner.


Each year group is run by a Progress Leader who is assisted by a Deputy Progress Leader.  The Progress Leader and Deputy Progress Leader are teachers who run a team of year group Tutors.  Tutors meet with their Tutor Group every day and are the first and key provider of student support.  The Progress Leader has responsibility for the year group on a day to day basis, monitoring all aspects of a student’s experience including attendance, behaviour and academic progress.  The Deputy Progress Leader assists the Progress Leader in their duties and deputises for them in their absence. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s welfare or conduct they should be addressed to the Tutor or Progress Leader in the first instance.  Please bear in mind that when you call, staff may be teaching and are unlikely to be able to see you immediately.  It is therefore best to telephone and make an appointment if you need to meet with anyone from the year team. 


We work hard to provide many avenues of support for our students and are able to access many agencies to provide the right services.  We are part of the Havant Federation of Schools and work together in partnership to provide cohesive support for young people.  Havant Academy also works with the local health, locality, career and police teams to ensure that advice and guidance is appropriate and enables all young people to achieve their potential.