• Expectations

Expectations CPR

Our CPR Expectations Policy applies to the way we choose to conduct ourselves, the way that we behave towards other people, and the way that we behave in our lessons.

They are expectations, because we are expected to behave in this way; it is not a choice.

The expectation that we have is that we all behave in a way that means that we are calm, collected and respectful towards one another, and that we arrive for our lessons punctual and prepared.


When our expectations have been met, students will receive Recognitions. These take a range of forms, but all reward our students’ positive achievements.


Expectations Met

Opportunity for Recognition


Recognition 1

Calm & Collected: Positive contribution in lesson

Calm & Collected: Respectful to others

Punctual & Prepared: Correct Uniform and equipment

Punctual & Prepared: Consistent punctuality to lesson

Respectful & Responsible: Working successfully in a team

Respectful & Responsible: Supporting others

Recognition from tutor/class teacher

Positive note in planner

Positive sticker in planner

Positive phone call from tutor/class teacher

House Points - 5


Post Card home


Tutor/ teacher

Recognition 2

Calm & Collected: Excellent contributions in lesson over time

Calm & Collected: Consistent respect to shown to all

Punctual & Prepared: Consistent punctuality and attendance over a term

Punctual & Prepared: Correct Uniform and equipment over a term

Respectful & Responsible: Taken responsibility for own actions

Respectful & Responsible: Shown high level of tolerance to others

Recognition from Curriculum lead/Head of Year

Certificate home from CL/HOY

Positive phone call from CL/HOY

Canteen vouchers

House Points - 10

Positive note in planner from CL/HOY

Invitation to Friday reward session




Recognition 3

Calm & Collected: Superb contribution to classwork or homework

Calm & Collected: High level of respect shown to all

Punctual & Prepared: Consistent punctuality and attendance over two terms

Punctual & Prepared: Correct Uniform and equipment over two terms

Respectful & Responsible: Acting as an ambassador to others

Respectful & Responsible: Acting in ambassador role

Recognition from Senior Leadership Team

SLT star

Certificate home from SLT

Phone call/meeting with SLT member

House Points - 15

Love2shop voucher

Termly reward trip





Resolutions take place when students have not yet met our expectations in either being Calm & Collected, Punctual & Prepared, or Respectful & Responsible. The expectations are not exhaustive here, but give an indication of ways in which students may have not yet met our expectations.


Expectation Not Met

Opportunity for Resolution


Resolution 1

Punctual & Prepared: Lateness

Punctual & Prepared: Forgotten HW

Punctual & Prepared: Incorrect uniform

Respectful & Responsible: Rudeness & NFI


Message home (planner/call)

CPR Report to Tutor/Teacher

15 minutes (break/lunch/EOD)

Tutor/ teacher

Resolution 2

Calm & Collected: Play fighting

Calm & Collected: Silly behaviour

Punctual & Prepared: Repeated lateness

Respectful & Responsible: Repeated rudeness & NFI

Respectful & Responsible: Thoughtlessness

Respectful & Responsible: Truancy


Relocation to CL/HOY

Message home (planner/call)

CPR Report to CL (in lesson)/ HOY (out of lesson)

CL/HOY (B2) Detention 2.40-3.10pm


Resolution 3

Calm & Collected: Physical/verbal aggression

Respectful & Responsible: Racism/sexism/homophobia/bullying

Respectful & Responsible: Extreme rudeness

Respectful & Responsible: Refusal to accept responsibility/consequence

Behaviour Team contact home (call then meeting)

CPR Report to SLT


SLT Detention 2.40-3.40pm



In each instance, a conversation, known as a Restoration, will take place during the Resolution, so that the student and member of staff can work together to avoid the situation happening again, and to support students in meeting our expectations.