Drama is a very important part of the rounded education delivered at Havant Academy. The skills inherent in drama will enable students to become confident, resilient communicators able to empathise and understand a variety of issues in life and how to approach them.


KS3 drama is a practical subject that is taught weekly for 50 minutes in a specially designed space that has the benefit of sound, lighting and staging equipment. Students follow a curriculum that develops skills of imagination and creativity enabling students to develop confidence in character for performance. Alongside this they will develop the skills and understanding needed for refining and evaluating performance. With each new challenge students make progress in their vocal, movement and gesture skills. Students also develop their knowledge of drama terms and vocabulary so that they can evaluate each other’s work through written or verbal communication. Assessment is termly, by way of performance and evaluation. Students get the opportunity to work from a variety of scripts that will challenge them to think about social issues and contexts. Students will also study the works and styles of different theatre practitioners and use stimulus to create performances.

For many year 7 students drama is a new experience so an introductory term aims to establish key skills and routines through structured activities that encourage, co-operation, concentration and co-ordination.


At KS4 students follow the AQA syllabus.

KS4 students work through year 10 building upon and mastering the skills of naturalism and stylised performance in order to perform in front of a visiting examiner. Students will read, analyse and understand a complete text in order to answer exam based questions on narrative and production elements. Students will also be required to learn and perform two scripted pieces either as monologue or in a group.


Haven’t Academy is growing a reputation for staging shows of an incredibly high standard. Each summer around 50 students perform in an annual production that incorporates acting, singing and choreography. A professional audition process followed by weekly rehearsals provide cast members with bags of enthusiasm that make two public performances a huge success.

Department Staff

Mr T Norton: Teacher of Drama