Music at Havant Academy is an integral part of Academy life, where successes are showcased regularly at Creative Arts performance events, Academy assemblies and more. For students, music acts as a medium of expression, communication and enjoyment and contributes to the well-rounded curriculum at the Academy. In addition to Music, Drama and Art form the successful department Area of Creative Arts at the Academy.


Department Staff

Miss Morra – Acting Curriculum Leader of Creative Arts


Skills, Knowledge, Understanding/Topics covered:

Key Stage 3

Throughout years 7, 8 and 9 pupils will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of music across a broad range of genres through performing, composing and appraising in lessons. Pupils will be introduced to influential composers and their works, the cultural and social contexts of musical styles and the importance and relevance of music in their daily lives and in the lives of others.

From that start of year 7, pupils will develop basic piano keyboard technical skills as well as other technical facility on additional instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and percussion. Musical Futures teaching is at the heart of the KS3 curriculum allowing for students to be productive and independent learners. Practical lessons will be interspersed with written theory and analysis which provides pupils with the ability to appreciate different aspects of music while equipping them with the skillset required for the RSL Music Practitioner course at KS4.

Current topics include:

Year 7

Discover you Voice and the Musical Elements
Introduction to Keyboard Skills and Beethoven

Basic Band Skills and instruments in Popular Music

Develop your skills on your chosen instrument

Calypso and Improvisation

Reggae and Composition

Year 8

12 Bar Blues and Improvisation

Rock n Roll Composition and Performance

Samba and Rhythm

Salsa and Creative Use of the Musical Elements

Band Skills

Develop your skills on your instrument

Year 9

Rhythm and your instrument

Film Music Composition

Song writing in popular music part 1

In at the Deep End part 1

Song writing in popular music part 2

In at the Deep End part 2

Key Stage 4

Havant Academy offers the vocational qualification RSL Music Practitioner in Performance Diploma for years 10 and 11. The RSL course allows pupils to work primarily on progressing on their solo instrument or voice, while developing ensemble skills, broadening repertoire and developing skills as a musician. Practical assessment takes the form of ongoing coursework portfolios at the end of each year and a performance recital at the end of year 11.  

Extra-Curricular Enrichment/Opportunities

Instrumental lessons

At Havant Academy we have a team of experienced and dedicated peripatetic staff that provide additional instrumental and vocal tuition to students across all year groups. As part of their KS4 course all year 10 and 11 RSL Music students will receive an instrumental lesson in order for them to make rapid progress.

Current instrumental lessons students can receive are on: voice, piano/keyboard, drums, guitar and bass guitar.

Clubs and Ensembles


All pupils (and staff) interested in singing and performing across year 7 to 11 are able to join, rehearse and perform at special events with Showstoppers. Styles of music are mixed and are generally selected by the students. As a result of a successful summer production in July 2017 Showstoppers will form the basis of the next production cast. Photos of the production Ronnie and Jules can be found on the Academy Website Ballery.

Jam Hub – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes

Pupils taking an interest in developing their classroom learning, technical skills on new instruments or in having a band practice are able to visit the music department and take advantage of