House System

The House System has been designed to embody the values and ethos of the Academy and be an integral part of the school community. The House Leaders, along with the Captains and KS3 reps, work together to create a stronger pupil voice to motivate students and encourage interest in student leadership.


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The academy provides every pupil in each house with the following:

  • A sense of belonging within the school community.
  • Opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills.
  • A sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Fun and excitement through competition.
  • Opportunities for leadership.
  • An awareness of individual and collective responsibility.


Each House is in competition with each other to achieve the highest number of house points at the end of each term and most importantly by the end of the year, when there will be prizes and trophies to be awarded.

House news, competitions and information is displayed on House boards, the website and regular updates on facebook.

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Each House supports a Charity which is chosen at the start of each year by the students. Information on which Charities are supported can be found on the individual House pages.

Fundraising events are held throughout the year as well as non-school uniform days to raise money for each Charity.

There is also a Charity cup to be won at the end of each year for the House that has raises the most money.