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Welcome to Havant Academy, we are a friendly comprehensive school situated in Leigh Park.  We currently have 550 students on roll which means that, as a smaller secondary school, we are able to get to know all the students in our care and their families.  We believe that the relationship between home and school is vital to ensuring our students, your children, are able to be happy and successful in their time with us.

We are fully aware of the care you will take in choosing the next steps for your child’s education.  You, like us, will want to be sure that your child will be happy at school and will go on to achieve their very best.  Within our purposeful learning environment and excellent pastoral and support systems we are confident that our staff will provide your child with the motivation and challenge they need to achieve.

With a wide range of extra curricular activities and a well-developed student leadership programme there are opportunities for all students to get involved in the wider life of the school and contribute through a whole variety of activities.  These include thriving musical groups, theatre productions, a range of clubs, and successful sports teams.  Our house system provides additional motivation for students as they work to gain housepoints and this is further enhanced through a series of house competitions.

I am proud to be Headteacher at Havant Academy and I look forward to working with you and getting to know you.




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