Vision & Values

Vision and Values

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Where students, staff, families and the community are supported to achieve their full potential

Where students are:

  • Happy
  • Successful
  • Supported
  • Cared for
  • Safe
  • Resilient
  • Leaders
  • Participants in both their community and the wider community

Where students have:

  • A variety of enriched experiences
  • The opportunities to realise their full potential

Where staff are:

  • Empowered
  • Valued
  • Enabled to teach
  • Active in their own continuing professional development

Where teaching is:

  • Innovative
  • Inspirational
  • Research informed
  • Aspirational


Where the school is:

  • A family
  • The school of first choice
  • The hub of the community
  • Working with and listening to the community
  • Supporting, enhancing and expanding community opportunities
  • Making the best use of available resources
  • Sustainable


High performing and outstanding

Achieving full potential for all students

Valuing learning and education

Aspiring to be the best you possibly can be

No limits to student success

The hub of the community