Year 11 Revision Evening

Dear Parent / Carer,

I’m sure you can hardly believe that your child has entered their last year of secondary school. I joined Havant Academy the Easter before this year group arrived at Havant Academy in year 7 and I am so proud of what a respectful, polite and caring group of young adults they have become.

However, as I am sure you are aware, the next nine months are key to ensuring that they reach their potential and achieve the highest possible outcomes they can which will set them up for a happy and successful life.

I am inviting you and your child to attend a revision evening on Thursday 26th September.

We need you to ensure that your pupil is working as hard as they can be at home, to complement everything we are doing in school. We will be focusing on revision routines, strategies and demonstrating revision tools we have, which can be used at home. We need you to be invested in your child’s revision and helping them along the way, both emotionally and academically. We will be giving you the tools and techniques to effectively help your child revise across this academic year.

There will be two sessions that evening. Session 1 starts at 4.45pm – 5.45pm. Session 2 starts at 6pm – 7pm. A buffet will be provided to keep everyone powered up through the session! Please indicate in the reply slip which session you would like to attend. (A physical letter will be given to your child tomorrow).

We hope that this will become a rolling programme of evenings across this academic year and each will focus on a different subject area or technique. We really hope that as a team we can ensure that your child is as prepared for the GCSE Examinations as they possibly can be.

Yours Sincerely

M Norgate

Assistant Head Teacher – Data and Progress