Uniform and Presentation


At Havant Academy we rigorously enforce our strict uniform policy. We believe that wearing our distinctive uniform gives our students a sense of ‘belonging’, helps foster pride in the Academy and stops students coming to school in inappropriate clothing or footwear.

Our students are our ambassadors in the community. We therefore expect students to wear full Academy uniform when travelling to and from the school, at all Academy functions, on extra-curricular visits and when taking part in representative sport.

To aid in the creation of a professional learning environment we insist students only wear one pair of small gold or silver stud ear rings in the lobes of their ears. The studs should not be shaped or have coloured or diamante inserts. In addition, earrings, rings, nose studs and other facial jewellery are not acceptable. Tattoos are not allowed and existing tattoos must be covered. Finally, nail varnish and acrylic nails are not allowed.

Hair styles should not be excessive and have a natural colour/tone. Students with long hair must have it tied back with a dark coloured hair bobble whilst participating in all practical lessons for safety reasons. Extreme ‘cuts’ of any shape or design are not acceptable.


The Uniform for Years 7 – 11 comprises of:

  • Black trousers or skirt. Jeans, Cords, ‘hipster’ and tight fitting (e.g. Revs style) trousers are not appropriate. Skirts should be no shorter than knee length and should not be fitted.
  • Academy blazer, with the Academy logo should be worn at all times. In the event of hot weather, students will be given permission to remove their blazer.
  • Black or grey socks with black trousers. Neutral or black tights with skirts.
  • Black shoes with a flat sole and a heel of no more than 2cm in height. Boots, canvas shoes, pumps and trainers are not permitted.
  • A white school blouse/shirt must be worn tucked in and this must not be tightly fitted (students may wear a plain white vest top under their blouse/shirt).
  • An Academy clip on tie: Years 7-9 plain purple and Years 10 & 11 purple and grey striped.

The Academy reserves the right to judge what is acceptable.

  • All students should have a warm coat for the journeys to and from the Academy, which should be worn outside only. Denim coats, hoodies (with or without a zip), body-warmer style coats and caps are not permitted.
  • Students are expected to carry a suitable school bag which is appropriate for carrying all equipment. As a general rule it must be large enough to carry an A4 folder. Hang bags are not permitted.


PE Kit for all years:

  • For Physical Education all students must wear the Havant Academy PE kit which is made up of a; black, purple and grey polo shirt with Havant Academy logo, shorts and socks; a long sleeved rugby top, plain black track suit bottoms and non-marking trainers.